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A catalog of everything I've looked up about TV and film this year.

TV and film

How many episodes are there of Dr. Katz? Answer81

Who voices Laura on Dr. Katz? AnswerLaura is voiced by Sarah Silverman's sister Laura Silverman, who also voices Loni and Paula's mother in Home Movies.

Is Patrice O'Neal still alive? AnswerNo, Patrice O'Neal passed away in 2011 following complications from diabetes.

Aside from Dr. Katz, Home Movies, and Science Court, were there other cartoons created with Squigglevision? AnswerYes: the Dick and Paula Celebrity Special and O'Grady.

Why does the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Voyager say I instead of we? AnswerIt's not really clear, since she's part of the collective and thus shouldn't have a sense of individuality. The answer given by fan sites is that she functions as the face of the collective and uses singular pronouns for better communication with other species. But in Star Trek: Voyager, she gives commands to the collective, which suggests she isn't part of it. So... bad writing?

What years did the original Sailor Moon series air on TV in Japan? AnswerSailor Moon debuted in 1992 and ran until 1997.

Does Jonathan Katz do voice work on Bob's Burgers? AnswerHe voices Dean Dixon in one episode.

What is the name of the original Korean film that Happiness of the Katakuris was based on? AnswerThe Quiet Family

What year did Rocky come out? Answer1976

What is the name of Woody Harelson's character on Cheers? AnswerWoody Boyd

What is the name of Kirstie Alley's character on Cheers? AnswerRebecca Howe

What years did Star Trek: Deep Space Nine air? Answer1993 to 1999

AnswerSupposedly no, but yes.