No Bad Memories

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I reimagine nostalgia for 20th-century computers and video games by authoring an alternate history in which early electronic objects had been designed for and marketed to girls. The values below, in the form of a design manifesto, inform this work.

1. Fuck history

Video game history is written by enthusiasts and riddled with errors and omissions.

Computing history offers no sensible technological narrative.

Where I do not see my experiences reflected in these histories, I am compelled to subvert their authority by creating alternative retrogaming artifacts, fakes, and forgeries.

Hello Kitty Land, 2003

2. Make it cute

The aesthetics of technology-centric subcultures engender an ambient sense of belonging.

Blending retrocomputing and girly aesthetics expands and questions the borders of who "belongs" in these subcultures.

I privilege whimsy over realism to nurture a cute playground of electronic artifacts saturated with commercial un-viability.

3. Break it, remake it

Video game history favors a monoculture.

Diverse futures can be made possible by diverse recollections and reconstitutions of the past.

The retrogaming canon should be viewed with skeptism and, where necessary, broken apart and reimagined.

I strive to build cute tools, tutorials, and projects that invite diverse participation in the co-creation of new pasts and new futures.

My Fucked-up Little Pony VHS livestream performance (2020)
Explorer.ROM, 2012