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A catalog of some things I've learned or looked up about gardening.


Do violets only bloom once? AnswerNo, violets bloom constantly, even after their blossoms have been picked.

What is the best way to sprout pepper seeds indoors? AnswerSoak the seeds first, then place them in sanitized containers of a soil-free, prepackaged starting mix to prevent the growth of fungus.

What do chicory flowers look like? Answer Via Encyclopedia Britannica

How can you fix a malfunctioning water sensor in an Aerogarden? AnswerThe sensor float may be in the wrong position or the tube that houses it might contain debris or roots. You can remove the sensor float with a magnet, check for debris, and then reseat the float to get the sensor working again.

What is the genus and species name of the ZZ plant? AnswerZamioculcas zamiifolia

What parts of the nasturtium plant are edible? AnswerYou can eat the leaves and the flowers.

What is styrax? AnswerA genus of shrubs known for producing benzoin resin used in perfume and incense. Via