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A catalog of everything I've looked up about cooking this year.


What ingredients are found in dried ghormeh sabzi herb mix? AnswerParsley, leek, and fenugreek are the key components of a dried ghormeh sabzi herb blend, with cilantro and/or spinach as less common additions.

What is ritual bread? AnswerIt is a kind of ornately-decorated bread made for festivals or religious occasions in Eastern Europe.

What is the name of the order of monks who make Chartreuse liqueur? AnswerThe Carthusians.

Does an amaretto sour traditionally contain bourbon? AnswerNo, though it appears in some recipes to cut the sweetness of the cocktail.

What is the difference between seltzer and club soda? AnswerClub soda has added minerals, giving it a saltier taste than seltzer, which is just carbonated water.

What is dried sumac used for? AnswerSumac powder has a citrusy taste and can be used in marinades and desserts to impart a tart flavor. It is primarily used in Mediterranean cuisine and is a key component of za'atar.

How long does red wine last after being opened? AnswerIf refrigerated, 2 to 5 days.

Why is palm oil bad for the environment? AnswerRainforests are being cut down to plant oil palms, leading to the loss of habitats for animals, loss of indigenous lands, and negative climate impacts. However, oil palms use significantly less land than most other sources of vegetable oil, so activism is focused on making palm oil sustainable rather than switching to other types of oil.

What gives Japanese milk bread its unique texture? AnswerIt is made with a warmed roux, which causes the starches in the flour to hold water that then steams when baked.