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A catalog of everything I've looked up about coding this year.


Is there an iOS app for working with source code repositories? AnswerYes: It's called Working Copy.

What is the CSS selector for the first line of text? Answer::first-line

How do you force-justify the last line of text in CSS? AnswerUse text-align-last: justify;.

How do you change the color and thickness of a header rule in CSS? AnswerAdjust the color, line style, and thickness of the border property on the hr.

How do you prevent word wrapping on a given class in CSS? AnswerSet white-space: nowrap on the class.

How do you prevent 11ty from rendering certain files? AnswerAdd them to a .eleventyignore file.

What is the syntax for clamp() in CSS? Answerclamp(MIN, VAL, MAX)

Can you do nearest-neighbor image upscaling in CSS? AnswerYes, image-rendering: pixelated is supported in most modern browsers.

Do JDKs include a Java runtime? AnswerYes

In Javascript, how do you trim a string to a certain size counting left starting from the rightmost character? AnswerYou can use substr() in combination with the string's length. For example: padded.substr((padded.length - 8),8); returns the last 8 characters of a string regardless of length.