Art + Code

"If the NES had a screensaver, it might look like this." —Kotaku

Alter Dark

"Read Twitter on a hacked Nintendo because your childhood needs to be ruined." —Motherboard


"Deal with It Bot lets you put a pair of virtual shades on anyone." —Kill Screen

the dealwithit bot

An autobiographical retro-style web game about backyard friendships and growing up.


This game's files have been suspended for copyright claim by Nintendo of America.

Pokemon 7

A little moment from the 2002 Nintendo Gamecube game *Animal Crossing*, suspended in time. (Note: Requires Flash.)

Forever Crossing

A love horoscope game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller

A reflection on friendships and nostalgia (in collaboration with Becky Nasadowski)

BFF Forever

A 30-second, two-player game in which you try to impress international celebrichef Chad Ravioli with your slammin'-est dish! (in collaboration with Wiley Wiggins)

Chad Ravioli's Slammin' Slurp-rise

Deliver messages between Tempe and the moon with speed and accuracy—your job depends on it! (in collaboration with Wiley Wiggins)

Lunar Teletext

A cooperative, interactive, glitch-art and music creation tool for the NES.