Blog ♥ Zine download: Circle Yes or No

Last month, I got to catch up with the amazingly talented Nathalie Lawhead, creator of Tetrageddon Games and Everything is Going to Be OK, while she was in town for Fantastic Arcade.

I forget how it all started, but at some point during the weekend, Nathalie and I got some newsprint and markers and began drawing absurd bits and pieces from an imagined teen magazine. The sketches ended up scattered all over my studio, which has been a fun reminder of Fantastic Arcade but also not a great Art Archival Strategy. One of Nathalie's sketches, however, contained a subtle clue as to how I could solve this problem:

Drawing that reads "Turn this into a zine"

...and so I did! Please enjoy this PDF of Circle Yes or No, a zine that's sort of about dating, hamburgers, and smooching the void.

Page of zine: "There are LOTS of teen anxieties on this phone"

Posted December 30 at 1:21 AM while listening to the new Halsey album. It is good.