Blog ♥ Fira Code: a monospace font with programmer-friendly ligatures

Earlier today, my pal Audrey showed me a cool typography project on GitHub that I hadn't seen before. It's over a year old, so I'm clearly late to the party, but I thought I'd share it for others who might be unaware as I was.

Fira Code is a monospace font that uses ligatures to render common coding sequences like !==, <=, and => into programmer-friendly versions that are a bit easier on the eyes. It's an ideal font to use in your code editor. And because ligatures just affect rendering, Fira Code won't insert mysterious, invisible unicode or anything like that into your files. (I like mysterious unicode, but not so much in my source files.)

To install Fira Code, just download the latest release and install the fonts as you would normally for your platform. There are step-by-step instructions here if you need 'em.

Install Fira Code

To use Fira Code, enable the font and enable ligatures in your IDE. Step-by-step instructions for the most popular IDEs are here. For VS Code, I needed to restart the app to get the new font to kick in. But after that, well, a beautiful thing. Check out those ligatuuuuuuuuures~. (Purple boxes are my annotation.)

Fira Code sample

Aside from the programming ligature features of Fira Code, I've come to prefer the Fira monospaced font (developed by Mozilla) over whatever default VS Code had before. So, yes, I deem it a success.

Posted June 8 at 5:46 PM while coworking.