Blog ♥ Paint 3D is like MS Paint but, um, in 3D

So, I just tried out Paint 3D for the first time today, and it's pretty fun, not gonna lie.

I usually hate trying to fumble my way around 3D art software. While Paint 3D doesn't have the features of programs like Maya and Blender, it is a lot less intimidating. The reward-to-effort ratio is high. You can start with a really dumb idea, and then in about 10 minutes, with absolutely no training or instruction, your dumb idea becomes a dumb 3D reality!

What is this? A Memphis-Milano chess piece? A retrofuturist cocktail stirrer?


You can spray paint and Comic Sans-ify everything just like you would in MS Paint, but, you know, 3D...!

Yuk OHs

You can export files as flat graphics or as 3D files, which is pretty cool.

Anyway, yeah, two thumbs up for dead-simple, up-and-running art things. Again, it's definitely not ZBrush, it doesn't do what Blender does, but it is fun. And free. It just comes with Windows 10 now.

And for the first time ever, I'm actually considering making a 3D video game with this. I am full of dumb ideas, after all.

Posted April 10 at 10:50 PM while enjoying a cold Topo Chico...