Blog ♥ My ten most influential NES games

Throughout December, January, February, and March, I blogged about the ten NES games most influential to me.

I realized that while I still feel good about the ten games I chose, I wish I'd chosen a slightly different order. So here's my newfangled and reordered top-ten list with links to each article.

  1. Kirby's Adventure "is a technical and aesthetic masterpiece." Read more... Kirby's Adventure
  2. Otocky "beautifully dances on the line between experimental art game and traditional arcade shooter." Read more... Otocky
  3. Hello Kitty World "grabbed my attention as a teenager because it was challenging yet cute, made with superstar talent, and built on superstar IP." Read more... Hello Kitty World
  4. Super Mario Bros. "continues to represent something above and beyond its gameness." Read more... Super Mario Bros.
  5. Pinball "planted the initial seed in my mind that I might like to begin collecting NES games." Read more... Pinball
  6. Dance Aerobics "was one of the biggest inspirations for the first NES game that I released in 2012: TRACK+FEEL II." Read more... Dance Aerobics
  7. Barbie "is a fun diversion that's given me a lot to think about and inspiration in my own work." Read more... Barbie GIF
  8. Apple Town Monogatari: Little Computer People has "tiny, pixelated rooms whose smallest details are a pleasure to observe." Read more... Apple Town Monogatari
  9. Zooming Secretary "was remarkable to me for raising the bar for NES homebrew games." Read more... Zooming Secretary
  10. Tecmo Super Bowl "seems to defy [the constraints of the NES]." Read more... Skyline in Tecmo Super Bowl intro

Posted April 7 at 1:46 AM while enjoying today's warm weather.