Blog ♥ For three weeks, I wrote down every question I asked the internet (and every answer I found)

Have you ever opened up your internet browsing history and been... eheh, shocked by the sheer number of things you look up in a given day? One innocent click a few hours ago somehow turned into a weird Wikipedia rabbit hole. Twenty, thirty links later, you're looking up brownie recipes, electronic schematic diagrams for obsolete fax machines, and the history of silent films.

As a person with eclectic and sometimes niche interests, I was curious to learn about my browsing habits in a personal, homegrown way. What do I wonder about in the course of a day or week? What do I actually learn? Do my questions thrown into the internet void ever get an answer?

So I did an unusual experiment: Every time I Googled something, I rewrote my search terms in the form of a question. Once I found the answer, I summarized it in my notes. I did this every day for three weeks. At the end, I had an FAQ of sorts. (Or RAQ for "recently asked questions"...?)

It was interesting to see what kinds of things I looked up. Technical documentation was the most frequently looked-up thing for me. During this three-week stretch, I was learning Vue.js and Hugo, so a lot of my queries were, like, "How do I do this in Vue.js?" or "How would I do that in Hugo?" Other popular topics were houseplant care and gameplay questions about Animal Crossing: City Folk, which I had just started playing.

I learned during this exercise that I look up things for other people more than I would have guessed. For example, I'd see a conversation happening on Twitter and think, "Oh, I should send this person such-and-such resource," which I would then have to look up.

Rewriting search terms in the form of a question was an interesting exercise. So was summarizing the answer and making sure I actually learned a concrete thing.

After a while, I began consulting my notes to re-find an answer I'd learned, or to grab a documentation URL I'd already jotted down.

Reproduced below are all the questions I Googled over the course of three weeks, along with my answers. While the initial recordkeeping was done by date, I've reorganized the Q&A by topic then date.

This won't be embarassing, right? :)

Animal Crossing: City Folk

What does the empty lamp do in Animal Crossing: City Folk? It is used to summon Wisp, who will grant you one of a set lists of wishes such as removing weeds from your town.

How can I improve the environment in Animal Crossing: City Folk? Make sure trees and flowers appear throughout the town and that there are no weeds or trash on the ground.

What is the grass pattern in Animal Crossing: City Folk?


How many flowers and trees do you need per acre in Animal Crossing: City Folk? 12 to 16 trees and 6 to 10 healthy flowers per acre (16x16 area).

How can you tell if a painting is authentic in Animal Crossing: City Folk? You can't; painting authenticity is determined randomly.


Is it just me, or does anyone else think Takashi Murakami legitimately sucks? Apparently, it's just me. I couldn't find any (English-language) criticisms from respected online publications. I found numerous comparisons of Murakami to Jeff Koons, who gets his fair share of barbs from art critics. But no real complaints regarding Murakami himself.

What are the different methods of shibori? Kanoko (tie-dye), miura (looped), kumo (pleated), nui (stitched), arashi (pole-wrapped), and itajime (shape-relief).

What is the name of the gallery in Seattle featuring the Design of Dissent exhibition? Non-Breaking Space.

What are Non-Breaking Space's hours today and tomorrow? 11 AM to 6 PM.

Coding and technology

What is the URL for the TextMate theme Baby the Code Shines Bright?

How did kebab-case get its name? Kebab-case transforms words by replacing the spaces between them with hyphens. This makes them look like foods-on-a-skewer.

What is the recommended way to interface with REST APIs in Vue? The Vue-specific AJAX handling plugin, vue-resource, is no longer recommended by the Vue team. The current best practice is to use a Vue-agnostic solution like $.ajax (JQuery) or Axios. The cleanest approach seems to be to create a Vue method that calls the API with $.ajax as noted here:

What, generally, is the use case for Redis? Redis is useful for caching and retrieving simple DB query results that would be expensive/slow via a typical DB (e.g., SQL) query.

What's the URL for Sublime Text's documentation for installing .tmTheme files?

What's a good polyfill library for CSS Grid? CSS-Grid-Polyfill is one, though I'm not sure if it's 100% ready for primetime. There's also GSS (grid style sheets), which can be used instead of Grid and works by constraint calculation:

Is there a .tmLanguage file for GSS? Maybe, but I couldn't find one right away.

What is the HTML entity for a right-pointing arrow? →

How do I do a factory reset on a UE Boom 2 speaker? Hold down the - and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

What is the URL for VS Code's Task Runner documentation?

Where can I find documentation for the vue-router library?

In Javascript, how do you find the index of an array of objects corresponding to a specific key-value pair within an object? myArray.findIndex(item => item.mykey === "myvalue").

Should I implement vuex for accessing DocumentDB data within a Vue.js app? If I'm only accessing the data, it's probably not necessary. (See Later, if I decide to allow editing DocumentDB data from the web app, I probably should implement vuex.

Why do people love the Go programming language? Many developers find it fun, elegant, and fast.

What was the most loved programming language in this year's Stack Overflow developer survey? Rust.

Where can I find documentation for the DocumentDB REST API?

Does Hugo support making REST API calls that require authentication or an API key? No, you can't do this in Hugo directly. You'd have to make the call in a separate .JS file.

How can you get the best performance out of DocumentDB when using the REST API? Running the DB and code in the same Azure region will help with latency.

Where can I find documentation for Jekyll?

In VS Code, why are tabs in my YAML files two spaces wide when I have tab size set to 4 spaces? In the February update, language-specific editor settings were added for Go, YAML, and Markdown. You can change YAML-specific tab size by adding the following code to User Settings: "[yaml]": { "editor.tabsize": 4 }.

In Hugo, how do you convert a multi-word taxonomy from its urlized version to title case (without hyphens)? {{ $name | humanize | title }}

What is the part on a PS2 that needs adjusting to correct disc read errors? There is a small motor gear that moves the eye up and down.

Is there a reliable way to get parallax scrolling working on iOS? This article from the author of Stellar.js looks promising:

How much is a working and good-condition blue Commodore PET 2001 worth? Approx. $1,500, though there is little consensus. That could be wildly inaccurate.

Does <input type="email"> automatically validate? Yes, when submitted. However, it is not supported in Safari.

What are the additional optional arguments you can pass into v-for="item in items" in Vue apps? Where items is an array, you can pass in a second argument for the index (v-for="(item, myindex) in items"). Where items is an object, you can pass in three arguments: value, key, and index (v-for="(myval, mykey, myindex) in items"). The name of the arguments doesn't matter, just the order.

How do you incorporate Sass into a Vue.js dev workflow? Set it up with vue-loader as described here:

What do people see as some of the drawbacks of static site generators? Some can be slow (though Hugo is quite fast), they aren't meant for handling dynamic or user-submitted content, and the workflow (Markdown authoring → build process → deployment) isn't for everyone.

Why is the default alias for a remote git repo called "origin?" It makes more sense if you think of multiple collaborators pulling down code from a single origin (the remote repo).

Are there any good libraries for doing CSS text animations? Animate.css is a popular choice.

How can I get started building a UWP with a custom USB device? Take a look at

Can you natively put a CSS blur filter on part of an image without duplicating it and blurring the dupe? No. That said, here's a pretty simple way of duplicating the image and cropping and blurring the dupe: Here's another similar sample that uses image masking, which could be helpful for gradients and more complex shapes:

How can you run a Python script on Raspbian at boot?

sudo crontab -e
@reboot python /home/user/ &
sudo reboot

In Hugo, how do you change the URL associated with a taxonomy page? In config.yaml, set taxonomy values as URL path (Ex: genre: collection/genre). Then, include the path in the page's Markdown frontmatter (e.g., collection/genre: action).

Food and drink

What kind of cocktail can I make with Crème Yvette aside from more popular ones like Blue Moon and Aviation?
Yvette Collins:
1 fl. oz. gin
1 fl. oz. lemon juice
0.5 fl. oz. Crème Yvette
0.5 fl. oz. lavender simple syrup (4:4:1 ratio of sugar:water:dried lavender buds)
2 fl. oz. sparkling water or sparkling lemonade

Where can you go to eat in Pioneer Square after 10 PM? Damn the Weather is open until midnight.

What are the main ingredients in the vegetarian burger patty at Johnny's on First? Red quinoa and Catalina beans.


When is SXSW over? Saturday, March 18.

Who wrote Dolly Parton's song "Jolene?" Dolly Parton.

Who sang "Poupée de cire, poupée de son?" France Gall.

Has anyone done a critical analysis of Sparks's discography via the lens of feminism, critical race theory, colonialism, class, etc.? Hmm, I couldn't find anything.

Personal care

What is cold cream? An emulsion of oil and beeswax used as a face wash and moisturizer.

Do people prefer Pond's Cold Cream or Weleda Cold Cream? Weleda Cold Cream has higher review scores on MakeupAlley and Amazon (approx. 4.5 out of 5 stars) as compared to Pond's Cold Cream (approx. 4 out of 5 stars).

What is neroli oil? Neroli oil is an oil extracted from bitter orange blossoms via steam distillation.

What is the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette? Eau de parfum has a perfume oil concentration of 10% to 20%, whereas eau de toilette has a pefume oil concentration of 4% to 10%.

What are the Austin locations for Milk + Honey Spa? Downtown and Bee Cave.

What is the phone number for booking an appointment at Milk + Honey Spa? 512-236-1115.

Are all-silicone electric toothbrushes well-liked? No. According to Amazon reviews, they seem to be flimsy and may leave your teeth feeling less than fully clean. Sonicare toothbrushes are a more popular choice.

What are some natural or common household ingredients that can be used for facial exfoliation? Physical exfoliants include coffee grounds, cornmeal, rice powder, and poppy seeds. Citrus juices such as lemon juice act as a light chemical exfoliant, as does the salicylic acid in aspirin (which, when crushed, also works as a physical exfoliant).


How tall do elephant trees grow? 10 ft.

What does a fully-grown elephant tree look like?

Elephant tree

What does a king protea look like?

King protea

What does Myrtillocactus geometrizans forma cristata look like?


What time does East Austin Succulents close on weekends? East Austin Succulents closes at 5PM every day.

What are the care instructions for Gerrardanthus macrorhizus? This plant is heat tolerant but likes partial shade and requires well-draining soil (perlite mix), as it is susceptible to root rot.

What are the care instructions for Sarcocaulon herrei? This plant likes heat, full sun, and sandy/rocky soil, as it is susceptible to root rot. Water about once per week during growth (spring/summer) but infrequently during dormancy.

How do you care for lavender plants in Texas? Give them lots of sun, well-draining, alkaline soil, and little water. Plant in a raised bed to prevent water pooling at the base of the plant. Prune by half in the spring to promote growth.


What is the chemical composition of TV rock? Ulexite, or TV rock, is NaCaB5O6(OH)6•5H2O (hydrated sodium calcium borate hydroxide).

What is the naming convention for exoplanets? Exoplanets are generally named by taking the name of the star they orbit and adding a letter (a, b, c...) in order of discovery. Per a recent change of heart by the IAU, some exoplanets have proper names.

TV and film

Who played young Picard in the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where some of the crew inexplicably turn into children? Young Picard was played by David Tristan Birkin, nephew of Jane Birkin.

Who is Meiko Kaji? Meiko Kaji is a Japanese actress famous for playing outlaw characters in 1970s films such as Lady Snowblood. She also sang the theme songs to some of her films, two of which were featured in the Kill Bill series and led to a renewed international interest in her work.

Did Noel Fielding ever appear in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace? Yes, he played the man in the ape suit in the chase scenes.

What is the plot of In like Flint? In like Flint is a 1960s parody spy movie in which Derek Flint aims to foil an evil feminist plot to smash the patriarchy.


What is Donald Trump's current approval rating? 37%.

What does the name "Unabomber" mean? It comes from an FBI alias for Ted Kaczynski referring to him as UNABOM, or UNiversity and Airline BOMber.

How late is Kinokuniya in Seattle open today? Until 9 PM.

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