Blog ♥ Another use for ConnectedNES: a WiFi TASBot

I've been wanting to use ConnectedNES for something other than monitoring my twitter feeds, so I built this prototype last night for autoplaying NES games on real hardware, a la TASBot.

With a little help from a Python script I wrote, you can now pipe recorded gameplay presses via FCUEX over WiFi and to real hardware.

To reduce impact on the microcontroller, I implemented a compression algorithm on keypress recordings that outputs two arrays. One array contains the series of keypresses, each one stored as a single byte (e.g., 0b10001000). The other array contains a series of time values (in frames) for which the corresponding keypress is valid (e.g., 0b11110001). Keypresses that go for longer than 255 frames are sent in a second byte-byte pair, so the arrays are perfectly matched.

ConnectedNES TASBot

It was incredibly accurate for my own playthrough Super Mario Bros., though at this time not accurate enough to play back glitch-happy, precision runs like this one.

Read more about ConnectedNES here.

Posted January 17 at 1:08 PM while listening to the rain.