Rachel Simone Weil is an experimental designer whose work offers alternate visions of computer and video game history. Weil blends fact with fiction to create exhibitions, written works, and electronic artifacts that center the history of forgotten and imagined games, especially those that draw from girly cultures and subcultures. Her work has been shown internationally at venues such as the Living Computers Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, and the V&A Museum. Weil’s critical design projects are united by the mantra “No Bad Memories,” the slogan of a long-defunct floppy disk maker.

Weil has a BA in Chemistry and an MFA in Design. She currently works as a software engineer at Microsoft. In addition, she heads up FEMICOM Museum and helps run numerous indie game events in Austin, TX, including Fantastic Arcade, Juegos Rancheros, and the arcade of anything artist residency program.

Twitter: @partytimeHXLNT ♥ GitHub: HXLNT

Recent inspirations and obsessions: Seattle, analog synthesizers, makeup, Marva Atelier, guitar pedals, knitting