Art + Code ♥ Alter Dark

Alter Dark is a web application that allows you to patch and download NES ROMs in the browser via a REST API. I've demonstrated one use of this API: making customized NES greeting cards or "screensavers" in the browser. The API could eventually be extended to allow users to add their own graphics and sound. Or, an interface could be created for patching NES ROMs in other ways.

Screenshot of Alter Dark website

How does Alter Dark work?

The Alter Dark API is a Node.js/Express REST API hosted in Azure API Apps. The API accepts parameters that correspond to specific data values and memory addresses in a pre-compiled NES ROM. When these parameters are sent to the endpoint, the pre-compiled ROM overwrites the data at the specified memory address with the new data values. This works much like an NES translation patch, except that it's done via a REST API. Finally, the API returns the new ROM, which can then be downloaded in the browser by the user. See the video below for a quick tour and explanation of the project.

You can read about the project on Kotaku or, for more detail, you can also view my 30-minute talk from NodeConf EU on YouTube.

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